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FAQ / Definitions

Why should I choose Integrity Painting, Ltd?

Peace of mind!

Over 40% of our customers are repeat customers due to detail, conscientiousness of your property and pride in our work.

Do you use sub-contractors?


Our staff is made up of full-time employees who receive W-2s. We look for long-term staff who are interested in a future with benefits.

Are you insured?

Yes, through Motorists Insurance.

We leave a copy of insurance with the bid package.

How soon can I get a bid and do I have to be there?

We usually can do bids by the next day.

You don't have to be there for exterior bids, just give our office details of your project.

How many workers are going to be here?

Our crews are made up of one working supervisor and one or two painters, depending on the size of your project.

How long will it take?

Once we assign a supervisor to your project, it is the only project on your supervisor's schedule.

Length of time for the project depends on the size of the project.

What days do you work?

Normal hours are M-F and we work 8 hours a day, starting time is at your convenience.

However, other arrangements can be made if your project requires it.

How much money do you require down?


Payment is made in full upon completion by cash or check. This is our customer satisfaction guarantee: You don't pay until the job is done and you are satisfied.

Does your bid include paint?


We base our bids on using Sherwin Williams products; however we have accounts with all major brands.

How do we pick out colors?

You are free to pick out colors from any company. Sherwin Williams can match most colors, so there is no detectable difference.

We strongly recommend that you put samples on your walls. Sometimes colors will look different on the he walls compared to the paint chip.

If you would like assistance in color selection, we are happy to help.

Do we have to be home during the project?


It's really up to you. Some homeowners give us a key while others want to be there throughout the project. However to paint doors and windows we will need access to the inside to open them.


BID - A set price based on the scope of work on the contract.

SUB-CONTRACTOR - A person who is independent of the original contractor who is hired to perform the task. This person in turn should carry their own insurance and worker's compensation.

REPAIR NAIL HOLES, CRACKS AND GOUGES - Defects or imperfections in the drywall joint or installation are repairable but are not part of our standard preparation.

POLE SAND - Sand paper or sanding screen is attached to a pole to go over the walls. This procedure removes contaminates and blemishes in the original paint finish.

TAPE AND BACK FILL - After wood trim is taped off to protect it from drips and splatters, a very thin layer of paintable caulk is applied over the tape. This performs two tasks.

1. Fills cracks between the trim and walls.
2. Seals tape down so paint will not bleed under the tape.

BUTT JOINTS - Caulk in general should not be applied in a crack over 1/4" because with the contraction and expansion of wood it will pull apart.
   Butt joints are where the wood butts up against wood. This is not the same as
   lap joints where one board lays over another board.

SOLID EDGE - With hand tools remove loose paint or rust scale to where it adheres tightly to the surface. Sometimes this will leave an edge where the paint breaks off. If there are only one or two coats of paint, the edges can be sanded to feather them in. When the edge or paint is thick, sanding down the edge would not be recommended due to the time involved. It is also a misconception that sanding the edge will promote better adhesion of the top coat.

BACK-ROLL or BACK-BRUSH - This is a method of applying paint to porous surfaces (i.e. stucco, cement block, rough wood). It invilves using an airless sprayer to pump the paint from the bucket on to the surface. Then by hand use a brush or roller to work the paint in to the porous surface. (Beware; sometimes this is considered two coats of paint. To be a true two coats, the finish coat must be dry).


Integrity Painting Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Painting Contractors in Baltimore OH

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