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How We Prepare Your Home for Interior Painting


Moving Furniture

Our staff will move any furniture necessary to access your walls and also cover those items to protect them from paint. We ask that customers please move small (fragile) items to a safe space.

Blinds, Curtains, Switch Plate and Outlet Cover Removal

Part of our prep work will include removing window treatments and/or blinds, switch plates and outlet covers. The customer will move these to a safe location until after the painting is completed, upon which we will reinstall them.

Drywall Repair

At no additional cost, we repair all common wall wear: nail pops, nail holes, gouges and cracks.


We "pole sand" all walls, which means that all walls are lightly sanded to remove any particles on the surface and to also maximize paint adhesion.

Tape and Back Fill

We tape off all edges and backfill them to prevent paint seepage.


The paint that we use is "self-priming" meaning that it does not require the use of primer under the first coat of paint, this saves our customers both time and money. However, there are some circumstances for which we will use a primer. For example, bare unpainted walls, or walls that have been painted a bright (reds) or dark (blacks) color. We also prime walls that have been exposed to grease or oils, like we may find if there is not a backsplash behind your stove.

Drywall Review

It's not uncommon for additional flaws to show up after the first coat of paint has been applied. We reassess the conditions of the walls after one coat to see if any additional repair work needs to be done.

Finishing Coat

After any additional wall repair has been completed, we add a second coat of paint, then assess that you have complete and consistent coverage.

Clean Up

At the end of each day on your job we will leave our items organized and out of the way. Once the job is finished we remove all tape and protective coverings. We reinstall all window treatments, switch plates and outlet covers. Lastly, we replace your furniture.


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