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Professional Exterior Painting Services in Central Ohio

We know the right products to use to protect and beautify your exterior with a finish that will last for years. With our tools and ability, we paint all types of exteriors with confidence and skill.

Professionally Painting These Cities.

  • Bexley
  • Canal Winchester
  • Clintonville
  • Columbus
  • Dublin
  • Gahanna
  • German Village
  • Grandview Heights
  • Hilliard
  • Lancaster
  • New Albany
  • Newark
  • Pickerington
  • Powell
  • Short North
  • Upper Arlington
  • Westerville
  • Worthington
  • And more!

How We Prepare Your Home for Exterior Paint

Power Washing
We power wash the exterior surface of the walls to remove dirt, debris and oxidation. We carefully power wash wood trim and wood home exteriors so they do not sustain any damage from the process. We use the customer's water supply for power washing, however if the customer is unable to provide water, we have the ability to truck in water.
Power Washing Myth # 1 - Power washers use a lot of water.
Fact: Pressure is created from water exiting a small hole in the nozzle of the washer at a fast rate, not from the amount of water being used.
Power Washing Myth #2 -You should wait days after power washing to paint.
Fact: As long as the surface is dry, it is ready to begin painting. Using a power washer does not cause water to permeate the surface of the walls. After power washing, we generally begin painting the next day.

Solid Edge
We hand tool to remove paint scale (loose paint). This does not include removing all old paint, we scrape until we have what is referred to as a solid edge. This process may need to be repeated after the first coat of paint is applied. Occasionally fresh paint can pull existing paint from the surface during the bonding process.

Shutters and Down Spouts
We remove shutters and down spouts (excluding gutters) unless there is a risk of damage to your property. This would exclude any shutters that are nailed in or that have been installed with a one way plastic pin. In these cases, we carefully protect and paint around them.

We caulk open joints and seams in wood trim, and open cracks in stucco or concrete. We do not caulk hairline cracks.

Masking and Covering
We carefully protect your plantings, landscape and surrounding areas with paper, plastic or drop cloths before painting begins.

Paint is applied to your home by either roller, bursh, sprayer or a combination. Aluminum surfaces are typically only painted with a sprayer and then backrolled.

The paint that we use is "self-priming" meaning that it does not require the use of primer under the first coat of paint. However, there are circumstances for which we will use a primer. For example, if the color change is dramatic- from very light to very dark or the reverse. Or if there has been exposure to grease or oils.

Clean Up
At the end of each day on your job we will leave our items organized and out of the way. Once the job is finished we remove all tape and protective coverings. We will also vacuum any chips of paint or debris left behind from hand tooling.

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